What we're all about!

Hello and welcome to 'The Craft Academy'  We operate our business passionately while always keeping the following in mind.

  • Quality

High Quality products that are researched and examined before being published.

  • Manufacturer

We have carefully chosen our suppliers taking into account, feedback, quality, history, and legitimacy.

  • Shipping Times,

Because we are a small startup we hope our customers can understand our shipping times averages around 2 weeks per order We strive to have all products delivered as quickly and as affordably as possible but we cannot compete with the standard shipping times of merchants such as amazon and e-bay.

  • Payment security

We use only the most secure and up to date payment gateways. We operate with all 6 categories of the PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry)    https://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/

If you have any more questions or querys please feel free to contact us at